How Color digital SMS tool work.. How-it-works

Appliction Dashboard

Incentivise your callers by giving them the privilege to call you for free. Allow them to reach out to you anytime and everytime they face an issue or have an emergency. Increase your reachability, drive better engagement rates and improve your customers’ experience.

Send SMS

5 Filters are there by which user can send the sms
Quick send- upto 50,000 through txt file
Unicode- Send SMS in different language Customise SMS- Where user can send sms through excel sheets and different filters are there.
Customise Split Schedule-User can schedule the sms by date and time .
Bulk Upload- User can send upto 5,00,000 sms at a time.

URL Shortner

After Sending the sms, click on Short Url to view the report. This is how short url report is shown to users.

Manage item

In this section, user can form the templates, signature, manage the blacklist etc

Developers Kit

HTTP API is given to user, so that user can integrate the application to any tool.