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What is Enterprise Messaging?

  • Enterprise Messaging is a color digital branded messaging platform that lets enterprise business customers (100 or more corporate subscribers) send high volumes of text messages to support XML, HTTP, protocols;

Who can use Enterprise Messaging?

  • Enterprise Messagin can be used by any company who wants to give alert,information,notification,marketing,promotion to their subscribed client or to their prospects under TRAI regulations.

What are the requirements for my company to purchase Enterprise Messaging?

  • To purchase Enterprise Messaging, A signed Enterprise Messaging Agreement Static/Public Internet Protocol (IP) terminal for Enterprise Messaging provisioning Username & Password for access to the secure Enterprise Messaging online portal.

Why do I need an Enterprise Messaging pilot mobile phone on my account to use the Enterprise Messaging service?

  • The Enterprise Messaging pilot mobile phone is used for: Billing the service to your account Serving as a security credential to identify an authorized contact from your company as a trusted user of the platform Automated password resets associated with the Enterprise Messaging online portal The pilot mobile phone should always be kept in a secure place.

What subscribers can my company send messages to using Enterprise Messaging?

  • Enterprise Messaging can be used to send messages to any of your corporate subscribers.

Does the recipient of a message sent through Enterprise Messaging pay to receive the message?

  • Yes, subscribers receiving messages that your company sends through Enterprise Messaging will be charged standard messaging rates according to their messaging plan.

What is the intended use for Enterprise Messaging?

  • Enterprise Messaging is designed for businesses and institutions to send alerts, updates or campaigns to their distribution lists of color digital subscribers that have opted in to receive the company's messages. Enterprise Messaging can't be used to send unsolicited (SPAM), objectionable or illegal messages. Use of Enterprise Messaging is subject to industry (MMA, CTIA) and Color Digital content standards.